Ilanit Art - Jewelry Design

The designer store is in shuk machane Yehuda market, in Jerusalem.
The Machane Yehuda market, also called the shuk, is one of the most
beautiful markets and familiar icons in Israel. The market it located in
Jerusalem, the capital of Israel, and its character adds to the city’s
unique flavor.

In Machane Yehuda you can find everything, ranging from clothes to
housewares; flowers, art, accessories; and every variety of fresh and
specialty food: sweets, baked goods, meat, fish, eggs, produce,
spices, dairy products and so much more. The shuk is also a great
venue for Jerusalem’s night life, with restaurants, bars and intimate
music clubs

About the designer

The designer Ilanit elisha avigal was born in Israel in 1976,
to A jewish indian pakistani immigrant family.
Her inspiration : her family roots & her travelled  around the world.
Through her travels she has aquired A feel for the local arts
and crafts,which is reflected in her collection.
After working with two different  designers she decide  to create
jewelry that reflect her personality.
Ilanit's fondness for aesthetics and desire to break the mold
have led  to launching of her new jewelry  collection  - restrained
elegance with  different attitude.